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This Incredible Thruster Will Blow Your Mind

This Incredible Thruster Will Leave You Astonished

A Review of the Lovense Gravity App-Controlled Thrusting Dildo

At some point, every woman desires her very own sex toy. I was no exception. The moment I witnessed one in action, I yearned to experience the powerful thrusts of its pumping piston. The idea of being penetrated by a massive power tool excited me, especially if I could be gently restrained during the act. However, it wasn’t just the size and power that intrigued me; it was the fully automatic functionality. The concept of a toy that could pleasure me without any effort on my part aroused me. It gave me a sense of relinquished control, which I find incredibly erotic. Additionally, riding a dildo through an orgasm can be challenging, but a sex toy can continue thrusting while my muscles tense and my legs weaken. Not having to exert any effort allows me to focus on the pleasure coursing through my body and the fantasies playing out in my mind. I knew that one day, I would become a machine enthusiast. However, when I discovered the price of these devices, I realized that it would be a while before I could own one of those impressive metallic bad boys.

Thrusting Dildo

That’s what led me to thrusters, which are like miniature sex toys – dildos with a thrusting mechanism near the base. By attaching the suction cup base to a flat surface and activating it, the thruster will pump into you at the desired speed. Thrusters are not merely budget-friendly sex toys; they occupy their own distinct category. They are compact, convenient, and much easier to set up and use, all while providing the mechanical stimulation that I find incredibly arousing. Thus, I was eager to try out the Gravity thruster and experience its maximum intensity.

Indulging in Robocock

I particularly appreciate the shape of the Gravity. It does not imitate a realistic penis, lacking a well-defined head or veiny texture along the shaft. However, it features ridges in stimulating areas to provide a textured sensation. The size falls within my preferred range, with approximately five insertable inches and a satisfying girth that doesn’t pose a challenge. The toy comes with a nice, large removable suction cup base, offering flexibility where the cup and shaft meet, making it convenient to position the toy and find a comfortable angle. The Gravity offers various vibration settings and a thrusting motion of just over an inch, which is more than enough when inserted. It can reach up to 140 thrusts per minute, creating an incredibly intense experience.

Thrusting Dildo

Being a Lovense toy, the Gravity is compatible with the Lovense app. This allows convenient adjustment of the toy’s settings, but the most exciting aspect is the ability to use it for remote control or long-distance play. By setting up the toy and linking it to your partner’s phone, you can grant them control over how the toy pleasures you.

Thrusting Dildo

One of the standout features of the Gravity is its compatibility with the suction cup. It possesses a firmness that assists with thrusting, while the silicone covering offers a pleasant softness. The vibrator located in the toy’s head precisely targets the desired areas, even while the shaft is in full motion. The combined sensations are absolutely incredible. Although I was tempted to take it slowly, I couldn’t resist increasing the speed and intensity until it was thrusting into me vigorously. The faster it pumped, the more I felt controlled and overpowered by the machine. Although there were no physical restraints or words of encouragement, the thruster made me feel submissive and incredibly.

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