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This Cute Curvy Wand Feels Just Right

This Cute Curvy Wand Feels Just Right

As a very visual person, I appreciate Dingfoo toys’ consistent aesthetic. Their vibrators have a smooth, minimalistic appearance with great feminine colors without being too overwhelming. When I wanted to try a hands-free wearable vibrator, I picked the Dingfoo Eva. It’s small and simple, and you hold it in position with your pussy lips, which is a smart design choice. You can wear it even when you’re entirely naked and getting fucked, which is incredibly handy. I then tried the Dingfoo Aer – it was the first clit sucking toy I could truly enjoy using. It’s soft, easy to use, and incredibly pleasurable. It opened me up to a whole new way of attaining orgasm, so I’ll always have a special place in my heart for that toy. However, lately, I’m all about wands. I still use many other toys; it’s just that I keep desiring a particular type of stimulation – strong, rumbly vibrations spread across a large surface. Having had such a great experience with my Dingfoo toys already, I had to try their wand and see if it provided the same feeling.

My New Bathsturbation Buddy

The Dingfoo Com wand is what I’d consider a midsized wand – not one of those large, hardcore wands with a rigid handle, but also not one of those mini wands that feels like a conventional vibrator. It’s around ten inches long, so you can hold it in any position without feeling like you’re overextending. It has five vibration speeds and five patterns that you can play with, and it’s covered in smooth silicone, which gives it an alluring look. But the thing that stands out is the way it’s shaped. Instead of having a straight handle, the Com curves just below the neck. When I saw that shape, I knew it had potential. The feature that excited me the most, however, is that it’s waterproof. Being waterproof is a significant drawback for wand vibrators. I adore the ones that have a mechanical look and feel, but they don’t blend well with water. So every time I want to orgasm, I have to choose between two of my favorite things: I can choose to play with my newest wand, or I can choose to masturbate in the bath, but I can’t always do both at the same time. That wouldn’t be a problem with the Com, though, which is the first thing I tried. As soon as it was charged, I filled the tub, stripped down, and eased into the water with earbuds and moans in my ears and my hands between my thighs.

Dingfoo Com wand

It didn’t take long before I was ready for the wand, and I could immediately feel the difference that curved body made. I already adore how comfortable wands are, but the Com was even easier. I could even rest my arms while the toy was in place, which was a nice option; it’s definitely an ergonomic vibrator. More importantly, it’s a pleasurable one. I kept it on the lowest setting at first, which was nice and not overstimulating. I spread my lips, teased my clit with indirect vibrations, and then began grinding my hips into it as I got worked up. When I finished teasing myself, I put my legs up on the side of the tub and turned up the vibrations to the second setting. That also felt fantastic and was definitely strong enough to give me a climax. Normally I would ride that sensation to a climax and then relax in the tub for a while. But that day I decided to get a little braver. So when I felt myself getting close, I turned up the vibrations. The third setting was undoubtedly powerful – the kind of power that’s typically a challenge for my sensitive pussy. However, I wasn’t going to stop, and I didn’t want to turn it back down either. Instead, I lowered my legs back into the water and squeezed my thighs around the wand, which did the trick by dulling the intensity without muting the pleasure. It only took a few seconds for the wand to make me come. I held onto the handle with both hands and pressed it into my pussy to intensify every sensation. My hips followed the rhythm of my orgasm as I ground against the wand, with pleasurable jolts going through my body.

Dingfoo Com wand

When I could finally relax my muscles, I eased deeper into the water, removed my earbuds, and enjoyed the warmth that spread through my body. Just like that, I had a brand new bathsturbation wand – a wand I can use anywhere I want.

One Sweet Shapely Toy

The Dingfoo Com wand isn’t only gorgeous; it’s also really fun to play with. It’s fantastic in the bath and great out of the water too. I came through my pants on the highest setting and found it also worked well for grinding on my stomach. Due to its smooth and rounded shape, I managed to even fuck myself with it – something I can’t do with every wand, so I love that this one gives me the option to do so. I’ve read that some people find the toy slightly weak, and I can understand why. For a vibrator, it’s relatively robust. However, for a wand, some feel like they have industrial levels of power. The Com does not have that much power. So if you can only orgasm with a super high-powered machine between your legs, it probably won’t work for you. But if you are not the type of person who cranks their vibrator up to the max, it’s an excellent toy. It’s gorgeous, comfortable, and has a good range of vibrations so you can spice up your bath time and make it more enjoyable.

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