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The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

Initially, I wasn’t certain if I would be able to craft a list of my favorite toys this year, which was a disappointment since I had such a great time compiling one for 2021 and was looking forward to doing it all over again. Unfortunately, 2022 has been a challenging year for me, as I experienced a difficult period a few months in due to some health issues I was grappling with. It took me a long time to regain my footing and get back on track, which seriously impeded my productivity and even made it challenging to feel sexually aroused.

Consequently, I found myself not masturbating as often as I typically would and as a result, there are several toys I have yet to try and several others that I didn’t even request. It wasn’t exactly the most erotic year of my life. Nonetheless, there were some positives to take away. While I didn’t review as many toys as I had planned, I still managed to play with a few noteworthy ones. In fact, some of them were so excellent that I masturbated more frequently so that I could utilize them as often as possible, while others were so pleasurable that they more than compensated for all of the missed solo sessions.

Overall, my ten favorite new toys from this year are:

Magic Wand Mini

I had been wanting to try the original Magic Wand for as long as I could remember. It appeared powerful, durable, and industrial – more like a machine than a toy. Additionally, it kept showing up in steamy BDSM porn, with one lady after another getting tied up and pleasured with the wand, pushing their pleasure to the brink and appearing submissive, overpowered, helpless, and in a state of sexual bliss. Watching it was a massive turn-on, but I desired to experience it as well – or at least, I thought I did. But then I experienced the strength of those vibrations, which were so potent that my sensitive clit couldn’t cope with them at all. In the end, I gave up on attempting to make my Magic Wand fantasy a reality.

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

Fortunately, everything changed when the Magic Wand Mini arrived at my doorstep – it changed my life. While it is smaller than the original, it is also cordless, and the best part is the power. The vibrations are still strong, but there are also gentler settings that I can use without destroying my clit. Upon first use, I was already in love. It stimulated me so well that I feel extra submissive every time it comes into contact with my pussy, and it even makes being pleasured by my spouse feel a little kinkier. At this point, just hearing the vibrations is enough to turn me on like you wouldn’t believe. While I didn’t hold onto the original Magic Wand for long, I’m fairly confident that I will keep the Mini forever.

Lust Dual Rider

While I enjoy experimenting with various toys and ensuring that I have plenty of variety when I masturbate, I find that grinding ultimately helps me achieve the most intense orgasms. By positioning myself atop a toy and thrusting my hips, I can stimulate my pussy in a way that brings me immense pleasure. This technique pairs exceptionally well with vibrating toys, including wands, bullets, rabbits, and essentially any toy capable of producing vibrations.

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

Consequently, I was thrilled to try out a toy that’s specifically designed for grinding this year – the Lust Dual Rider. Essentially a vibrating pad with two textured humps, it features a larger protrusion for your pussy and a smaller one to tease and stimulate your anus simultaneously. I must say, it’s an excellent purchase. The Lust Dual Rider does an exceptional job of dispersing vibrations evenly over its surface, ensuring that you get to enjoy the vibrations to the fullest extent. It also has a flat back to remain stable, allowing you to grind with abandon. Finally, it offers precisely the type of stimulating pressure that I crave, mimicking the way I genuinely enjoy masturbating.

Womanizer Premium 2

A few years ago, I kept hearing about the Womanizer and how it was a game-changer. Many claimed that it was an innovative orgasm machine that felt better than good oral sex, making it no surprise that some claimed to have thrown out their vibrators after using it. I, however, felt left out of the excitement. Despite trying a clit-sucking toy previously, it was too overwhelming for my delicate pussy. Everyone else appeared to be having a wonderful time having their clits sucked, but sadly, that wasn’t the case for me.

That all changed after experiencing the Dame Aer, a silky, stunning, and gentle clit sucker that still effectively released the orgasms from my body. I then sampled the Lelo Sila, which is both tiny and cute while also providing precisely the kind of stimulation my clit craved. After that, it was time to try the Womanizer, except I waited so long that I ended up experiencing the upgraded version – the Womanizer Premium 2.

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

Although I don’t know exactly how it compares to the original, or how extensive the updates were, I do know that it’s the first toy I select when I crave suction. While not as visually appealing as the Aer or Sila, it’s exceedingly dependable. The stimulation it provides to my clit is breathtakingly intense, and the orgasms it provokes are explosive. The settings’ differences are subtle so that I don’t have to rely on the lowest suction to get off, and I can relish in the unique sensations it triggers, which is a significant bonus.


Initially, I was concerned about purchasing a third sex doll, considering I already had a magnificent torso doll and a Rough Rider for times when I’m in the mood to take advantage of a dick. Yet, as soon as I removed Britney from her box, I knew I had made the correct decision. Tantaly advertised her as having enormous breasts, and let me tell you, they weren’t exaggerating. Her bosom is enormous and so gratifying to squeeze, and they even bounce when you engage in intercourse with her.

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

Moreover, she boasts a curvaceous body with a plump derriere that looks sensational when she’s lying on her front. Her skin feels incredible, and every last one of her attributes is stunningly detailed. The first time I played with her, I became so aroused that I lost track of time. I had to force myself to stop using her – even though I didn’t want to. Typically, I rush to write a review of a toy this good and this fun, but in this case, I decided to hold off until I can try her out with Mr. Austin. After all, while I’m currently enamored with Britney, I suspect I’ll appreciate her even more after double teaming her.

King Cock Elite

I know what I like in a dildo and the King Cock Elite has it all. The silicone has a realistic texture and appearance, including veins and head shape. The size options are great too – not too large that they’re uncomfortable, but a realistic size you might encounter in a hookup. The flexibility also makes them more comfortable to use and helps hit all the right spots. Personally, I used two King Cock Elites this year, one of which I used exclusively for anal and it has become both my favorite and the best toy I’ve used for anal this year.

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

Lovense Flexer

Lovense is known for its wearable and remote-controlled vibrators, and I’m a big fan of the Lush and Ferri. However, the new Flexer blew everything else out of the water. As a dual vibrator, it pleases internally and external with precise flexing that imitates the “come hither” motion of finger pleasure. It’s incredibly intense, pleasurable, and produces lots of blended orgasms – it’s like a finger vibrator that fingers like a professional.

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

Her Ultimate Pleasure Pro

The Her Ultimate Pleasure is a strange-looking toy – a combination of a pussy pump and mechanical tongue. However, it works perfectly together, making every lick more satisfying. Last year, I included it on my list of favorite toys and used it frequently this year. This year’s model – Her Ultimate Pleasure Pro – adds an insertable vibrator, making it an incredible orgasm machine that pleases internally and externally simultaneously.

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

All That Glimmers Wand

The All That Glimmers Wand is absolutely adorable with its sparkly, glittery appearance in various colors. It comes with exciting accessories, making it aesthetically pleasing in any toy collection. However, beyond its appearance, it has rumbly vibrations that make for an excellent masturbation experience. It is also lightweight and easy to handle, with a comfortable handle for extended play.

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

Max 2

Of the three Lovense dick toys tried this year, the Max 2 is the standout. It has it all – textured inner sleeve for extra stimulation, vibration options, and an air pump for gentle contractions. This makes it a great option for syncing with porn scenes. Although it may be bulkier than the Gush or Calor, it is an excellent choice for pleasure seekers.

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022


The Humphrey toy mount has revolutionized the sex pillow. It has pockets to hold various sex toys, making for an even better hands-free experience. It is the ultimate sex pillow, providing a unique, satisfying experience that cannot be matched. It is also discreet and convenient, serving as both a toy and a decent pillow when not in use.

The Top Ten Sex Toys I Tried in 2022

I’m So Glad I Got to Play With These

This year had great ups and downs, but having these wonderful sex toys made it easier. They provided the means to feel good and experience intense orgasms, making for a pleasurable experience. The toys on this list blew my mind with their excellent vibrational patterns and textures. I cannot wait to see if next year’s toys can top them.

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