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Shower and Bathtub Masturbation 101

Shower and Bathtub Masturbation 101

Your daily shower routine offers a fantastic opportunity for some alone time – a little shower or bathtub masturbation. If you’ve grown accustomed to self-pleasure, you likely recognize the bathroom as an excellent spot for personal exploration. It provides privacy, relaxing steam, and the added convenience of easy clean-up post-session. However, if you’re wondering why you’d choose the bathroom over the comfort of your bed, it’s all about variety. Just as we occasionally need to revamp our sex lives with a partner, solo ruts can occur, and imagination is always the answer. Even without a rut in sight, venturing into unfamiliar territories can offer thrilling, clean (or dirty) amusement – if approached correctly.

Table of Contents

  1. Considerations for Comfort and Safety
  2. Methods for Achieving Pleasure in the Shower or Tub
  3. Conclusion: Enjoy Your Splash Time

Considerations for Comfort and Safety

Even though solo water play might seem similar to partnered shower sex, there are unique considerations to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Here are some pointers:

  • Maintain cleanliness. Prioritize sanitizing your tub or shower before indulging in some fun. This includes the faucet, jets, showerhead, and basin. Avoid exposure to harmful bacteria, especially if you plan to relax supine in your tub.
  • Transform your space into a toy-friendly environment. Shower curtains featuring pockets double as liners for your waterproof sex toys. These pockets cater to a wide variety of sizes, accommodating everything from a wand vibrator to the most compact bullet vibe.
  • Purchase a bath pillow. Available at any drugstore, these pillows attach to your tub’s back with suction cups. They enhance comfort during your bathtub rendezvous, allowing you to lose yourself without the fear of bumping your head.
  • Invest in a non-slip mat. If you’re aiming for intense shower sessions, ensure your safety with a skid-proof tub mat. Consider installing a grab bar on your shower wall for additional stability.
  • Regulate water temperature. Check the water temperature with your hands before splashing your sensitive areas. You want to avoid burns.
  • Refrain from internal water spray. Avoid using a showerhead or faucet for penetrative masturbation. This could disturb your vagina’s microbiome, leading to bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections.

Now for the Good Stuff: Methods for Achieving Pleasure in the Shower or Tub

If you’re ready to dive in but require some inspiration, consider these tips for bath-time self-pleasure:

  • Upgrade your showerhead. If your current showerhead is non-detachable or lacks pressure options, consider upgrading. A detachable showerhead with various modes ensures the right pressure and direct stimulation on your clitoris.
  • Try the “bathtub technique.” This hands-free method requires only a tub. Position yourself beneath the faucet for a pleasurable trickle-down effect. If moving towards the drain is challenging, a faucet extender can be a useful addition.
  • Experiment with waterproof toys. Waterproof toys like the Pebble or Satisfyer Pro 2 thrive in a wet environment, as the extra moisture helps form a seal, intensifying suction sensations. Consider the Bullet Soft Touch or the Diskreet Thrust for a variation on bath vibe pleasure. If you desire something more sizeable, try the Dingfoo Dildo, complete with a suction cup for secure attachment.
  • Use water-compatible lube. A quality silicone-based lube can enhance your experience, resisting wash-off better than other alternatives. However, remember that silicone-based lubes can degrade silicone toys, so don’t use them together.
  • Listen to audio erotica. Audio erotica lets you enjoy a hands-free, immersive experience without the risk of water damage to your device.

Conclusion: Enjoy Your Splash Time

In conclusion, a regular bathroom visit can transform into a delightful self-exploration session. So, soak up some pleasure during your next bath or shower, and add an extra spark to your routine. Enjoy your splash time, and stay safe.

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