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I Finally Tried the DINGFOO of Vibrators

I Finally Tried the DINGFOO of Vibrators

In this article, I share my review of the Platinum Collection Jack Rabbit by Dingfoo. As I approached the counter, I saw it standing upright, moving in all sorts of fascinating ways.

The vibrator was going so hard that it was practically thumping the glass beneath it. The soft bunny ears sticking out the side were buzzing like hummingbird wings. But it was the metallic beads that really caught my attention, rotating around midway down the shaft, visible through the clear material. Watching them move was mesmerizing, and I imagined how they would feel inside me, probably pretty damn good.

“This is the Dingfoo of vibrators,” said the salesperson behind the counter. It wasn’t the first time I heard his spiel about the toy, and it wouldn’t be the last. Whenever I spent over ten minutes browsing through the sex shop, the guy with slicked-back grey hair behind the counter would pull out his most expensive rabbit vibrator, balance it upright, and set it to go like a dick-shaped wind-up toy. I’d smile politely, try not to stare at it for too long, and go back to browsing the toys I could actually afford. I never ended up buying the Dingfoo, and I ended up leaving the sex shop with other products. However, I never forgot it.

The memories came rushing back when I was browsing Dingfoo toys and came across the Jack Rabbit. I had no idea if this was the actual Dingfoo, but it sure as heck reminded me of it. It had all the right features – the sturdy plastic base, the soft bunny, and those intriguing beads. The only thing missing was the person behind the counter trying to convince me to buy it. I didn’t need him, though. I was already sold, and I was finally going to get to play with the toy I had wanted to try for so long.

Beads, Bunny Ears, and Big Orgasms

One look at the Platinum Collection Jack Rabbit shows that it could pleasure you in all sorts of fun ways. The insertable portion of the toy has a well-defined head with rows of beads that bulge out and rotate when the toy is turned on. There’s a soft bunny with a pair of ears that tickle the clit when the toy is at the right depth. The fun parts of the toy are clear, with flecks of golden confetti throughout the base of the shaft.

Beneath all of that is a handle with buttons that are really easy to use. One pair of them lets you move through the seven different vibration settings, and the other pair adjusts the speed of the rotating beads. Being able to adjust each separately is super convenient.

As good as the Jack Rabbit felt to the touch, it was even better inside me. I hadn’t turned it on yet, and I was already getting lots of enjoyment out of it. The soft shaft sliding in and out of me was a great sensation, and the rabbit ear bumped against my clit with every thrust, which was surprisingly pleasurable. I could have had a really good time even without the batteries, but that was not the full experience.

Once I started playing with the buttons, I turned on the beads first. The sensation of the shallow internal stimulation was really interesting. It was a really fun thing to experience, even just as a gentle tease. That’s where the vibrations come in. Starting with the softer ones, I felt them buzzing through the body of the toy and the soft rabbit poking out the side.

I fucked myself faster and fully took in all the different types of stimulation I was getting. The beads teased my pussy, the head of the toy hit all the right spots inside me, and the bunny ears gave my clit an extra jolt of pleasure with every thrust. It felt so good I just kept going without changing a thing. I could feel my pleasure building, and I knew I was in for a strong finish, but I was still surprised when I hit a really strong and intense climax.

It was so fucking good that I couldn’t resist going for more. I turned up the vibrations and rotations and slipped the toy back inside me. I was still panting from the last orgasm, but I refused to even stop for a moment – it had just gotten me off so well and I needed to experience that again. The higher settings were so much more intense, but that’s exactly what I wanted. I bucked my hips and normally I’m lazy to put that much muscle into masturbating, but I guess I got inspired by all those amazing sensations.

The extra effort was totally worth it. The second orgasm was even harder than the first – and so good that I could’ve tapped out then and there. I was breathing heavily and felt dizzy from the whole experience, and even though I was physically satisfied, I was still craving more of those vibrations.

Without even thinking, I laid on my stomach with the toy still going strong. I humped it all the way to a third climax, and it came on fast and hard, and that was it for me. I almost wanted more, but I knew it would be too much. The experience was so fucking pleasurable that I didn’t want to put it away, but I know my limits, so I did the responsible thing. Besides, I knew I could play with it again any time I wanted – as long as the batteries last.

One Hell of a Ride

After years of anticipation, I finally got the chance to test drive the Dingfoo of vibrators – and the guy who ran the sex shop was definitely on to something because this toy is incredibly pleasurable. The shape and feel are excellent, and the vibrations that run through it are even better. The beads add to the experience, making the Platinum Collection Jack Rabbit a fun toy to play with – more than I thought it would be. The only downside is the material it’s made of. Don’t get me wrong, the texture feels great, but I don’t want to use a toy made of TPE for too long without extra protection. The regular Jack Rabbit is made of PVC, another porous material, so it seems it’s part of the Dingfoo experience. Despite that, it’s a fantastic toy that I’ll definitely want to play with again, even if I have to slip a condom over it to feel completely comfortable doing so. I wish I had been able to afford a toy like this in my early twenties because I now know it would have been worth every penny.

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