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How to Make Your Own Sex Toys

How to Make Your Own Sex Toys (DON’T!)

Exploring personal pleasure while alone may lead to creative solutions, but it’s crucial to prioritize safety and well-being. If you find yourself without proper adult toys and contemplating unconventional alternatives, consider the following precautions to minimize potential risks:

  1. Opt for organic produce if you’re considering using it as a makeshift toy.
  2. Thoroughly wash the chosen item before any use.
  3. Peel the produce to eliminate any potential residue.
  4. For added protection, use a condom on the item.

By following these steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of introducing unwanted bacteria, pesticides, or jagged edges into sensitive areas, preserving your delicate pH balance.

While the intention is not to sound overly cautious, it’s essential to highlight the potential dangers. There have been cases where individuals faced unfortunate consequences, such as accidental harm or injury, from using unconventional items. For instance, there are documented incidents where the use of a cucumber resulted in tragedy. Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution and prioritize safety, even in moments of personal exploration. It’s also worth noting that using an electric toothbrush for such purposes is equally inadvisable.

Homemade or poorly crafted adult toys, whether DIY or store-bought, pose significant risks, including the potential for injuries and exposure to harmful chemicals. Unclean items may lead to adverse reactions such as burning, rashes, blisters, exposure to carcinogens, allergic responses, and infections, among others.

Despite these warnings, if you wish to explore alternatives with common household items, proceed with caution and prioritize your safety.

DIY: safer sex toy ideas

Whether you’re engaging in sexual activities with a partner or enjoying a solo session, there are readily available household items that can be used as sex toys without requiring any crafting. Most of these options are non-penetrative, making them accessible and suitable for those new to incorporating sex toys into their experiences. They offer an opportunity to experiment and discover preferred sensations before investing in specialized toys. Additionally, they can provide a refreshing alternative for individuals looking to rekindle excitement in their intimate moments.

Shower Head

If you have a shower head, consider using it as a vibrator by pressing it against or directing its spray towards your clitoris. Many shower heads offer various pressures and settings, allowing for exploration. It’s important to avoid spraying water directly inside sensitive areas to maintain pH balance.

Pearl Necklace

Enhance your oral sex skills by incorporating a pearl or beaded necklace around your partner’s genitals while using your hand to stroke and your mouth to kiss and suck. This can introduce new sensations. However, exercise caution by ensuring the necklace is secure and won’t pose a choking hazard. Avoid using a fragile necklace that could potentially come apart during use.

Wooden spoon

If you find yourself in need and have a wooden spoon at your disposal, consider its smooth and splinter-free surface for consensual spanking or being spanked. Prioritize discussions on consent, preferences, and boundaries before engaging in such activities.


For a delightful clit stimulation, rubbing against a stack of pillows or folded towels can be surprisingly satisfying. This can be especially enjoyable during solo sessions or when putting on a show for a partner. It’s a creative way to diversify experiences and explore new sensations, especially if your intimate moments tend to gravitate towards the missionary position.

Yoga Ball

If you have a yoga ball originally intended for office ergonomics, repurpose it for exciting sexual experiences. Drape yourself or your partner over the ball, experimenting with different positions and angles. The stability and bounciness of the ball can add a playful element to your encounters.

DIY Body-Safe Silicone Dildos

Creating your own body-safe silicone dildos can be a complex process that requires specific equipment and ingredients, or a pre-made kit. This DIY option demands patience and a willingness to invest time and resources.

Why Opt for Quality Sex Toys

While DIY options may seem tempting, investing in tried-and-tested sex toys is ultimately the superior choice. Avoid the risks associated with using household items that may splinter or shatter. Quality sex toys from reputable sex toy manufacturers, vetted by experts for safety and effectiveness, provide a more reliable and enjoyable experience.

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